Young L Da Lone Gun








What it dew world?! For those of you that do not know me I am
The Lonegun CEO/Artist of YA‐YA! ENT. I come from the
Great State of Texas by way of El Paso. I was raised all over
the state but hold down my state wherever I go.





The way I found my stage name is simple(laughs), I stay one deep most of
the time given that I’m not with my fellow comrades in the booth
or other various events, gives the metaphor of Lonegun….one deep
standing on my own two feet and ten toes. First and foremost I
would like to thank God for blessing me with the talents I have
in order to change lives and help those less fortunate than
myself and YA‐YA! ENT.





I also want to thank the fans and supporters all over the world
that took the time out to just listen to my songs, mixtapes, or
anything that YA‐YA! ENT. put a stamp on. You all are the reason
why I have made it thus far. Sky’s the limit for most of the
artists, but for YA‐YA! ENT. as a whole it’s past that.
My partners in crime are my label mates and anyone outside the
circle that has some common sense. Like I previously stated, I
rock with everyone puttin’ on for the city.